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Many folks have been around the block on the Jeep Wrangler JK, giving the vehicle wild and crazy upgrades. But here at the 2017 SEMA Show, we’re learning just how far the envelope can still be pushed. Part of this is thanks to Bruiser Conversions and its creation, “Twisted,” which was parked at the Dana booth.


It’s going to be a totally capable trail vehicle. It’s going to go most places that other JKs can’t go. – Randall Speir, Dana

Twisted was actually one of three custom, Bruiser-made Jeep JKs at this year’s SEMA Show – the other two being “Hybrid” and a 6×6, sans catchy name. We’re not going to argue which one was the best; just that Twisted is one hell of a Jeep!


We spoke with Randall Speir at Dana to uncover more of the meaning behind this epic 4×4.

“Jeff Garland at Bruiser Conversions did this JK, with just a few slight modifications,” he joked. Those “slight modifications” translate to a Cummins-powered Wrangler that can turn not just its front two wheels, but the rear wheels, as well.



“Under the hood, the Jeep has the new Cummins R2.8 turbodiesel crate engine,” said Speir. “This is Cummins’ new motor that’ll replace the 4BT. Underneath, the Ultimate Dana 60 is up front, while the rear showcases our Builder Axle Program that we’ve launched here at the Show. It’s also a steerable Dana 60.”

The R2.8 Cummins engine and rear steering made this Jeep quite surprising. Few SEMA builds could come close to its uniqueness (and capability).


Using a hydraulic Stazworks steering system and controls, Twisted can get, well, twisty – crab-walks and tight circles are done with ease. A locking mechanism locks out the rear axle at 10 mph and up, ensuring that it won’t accidentally crab-walk on the freeway.

Mated to the R2.8 is a standard Jeep transmission and transfer case, with J.E. Reeldriveshafts sending power to the Dana 60s. Suspension was provided by Rock Krawler, while Savvy Off Road took care of armor in the form of bumpers and rocker guards. MCEfenders keep the 17-inch Walker Evans wheels and 37-inch BF Goodrich Krawler tires from going too far.

The front and rear axles were both Dana 60s, but each was a different type. The front was Dana's new Ultimate Dana 60, while the rear was custom-built by Bruiser Conversions using the new Builder Axle Program provided by Dana.

Other upgrades include an sPOD SE electrical distribution system, Warn Zeon 10s Platinum winch, and Factor55 flat link. There are also lights from Rigid Industries: a 50-inch light bar, DSS A-pillar lights, and A-Series rock lights. Out back, Teraflex supplied a heavy-duty tire carrier. Up front, the headlights are seven-inch round LED units from Truck-Lite.

“This Jeep is exciting,” said Speir. “Jeff took the Bruiser approach, combined it with Dana’s products, and came out with this awesome JK.”

We couldn’t agree more, but what do you think of this radical Jeep? Pop down below to leave a comment, and check out more from Bruiser Conversions and Dana when you get a chance.