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Stage 1 Complete JK LS Installation Kit (2007 - 2011 JK/JKU Wrangler)

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Model Years
2007 - 2011
450 HP @ 5800 RPM
450 ft-lb @ 6000 RPM
Fuel Type
Octane (minimum)

Interested in performing your LS3 engine conversion on your own? We offer the same components used in our turn-key conversions as a do-it-yourself engine upgrade kit. Each kit comes with a detailed instruction manual to guide you through the process.

Bruiser Conversions fully integrated LS3 engine conversion system for the Jeep JK/JKU Wrangler maintains the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) functionality of all vehicle systems that were supplied with your vehicle. All systems that were functional prior to the conversion process will be functional after the conversion has been completed, this includes: instrument cluster, indicators, gauges, powertrain control systems, cruise control, hill descent mode, tip start, and tap shift. Our system retains the factory PCM and the Chrysler OBD II port. Bruiser Conversions provides the only fully integrated LS3 engine conversion for the JK/JKU Wrangler.

2007 - 2011 Jeep JK/JKU Wrangler Specific Upgrades

Early model JK/JKU Wranglers equipped with an automatic transmission require an upgrade from the 42RLE. Bruiser has elected to incorporate the NAG-1 722.6/W5A580/WA580*** in our conversion. This upgrade includes a transmission, torque converter, wiring harness, and a performance tuned TCM. Along with the upgraded transmission, a new center console and automatic transmission shifter assembly are provided. This allows the driver access to the late-model tap shift option and updating the OEM software to include PRNDL display functionality on the OEM instrument cluster. Cruise control and auto start features, if equipped, are retained after the conversion.

This compact 5-speed automatic transmission is rated at 580 ft-lb torque input capacity. It has been used in a wide range of vehicles including the Dodge Challenger, Chrysler 300 SRT8, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Dodge Magnum SRT8, and the supercharged Jaguar X308. A performance tuned TCM is provided with each engine conversion system.

**This conversion is intended for off-road use only**

Complete Do-It-Yourself JK LS Engine Installation Kit

New GM Performance LS3 crate engine

Performance tuned PCM

Performance tuned TCM

Low-mileage NAG-1/WA580 Transmission

Transmission Wiring Harness

Engine to NAG-1 Transmission Adapter

Self-aligning Engine Mount Brackets

Engine Wiring Harness

Stainless Steel Exhaust Y-pipe

Cold Air Intake with K&N Filter

A/C Hoses

Radiator & Heater Hoses

Battery Tray & TIPM Relocation Bracket

Detailed Instruction Manual


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