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Greg Higgs Fab Fours - Owner

I have known Jeff for 7 years, so when it was time to build my 2014 JKU into the LEGEND2.0 with a LS3 480 HP hot cam he was my first call for engine swap advice. Being 10 hours apart, I planned to have the work done closer... but when Jeff said they could do an LS swap in a week, I had to put it to the test. Anyone that could swap that fast with confidence clearly has their ducks in a row.

Sure enough, a week later I was headed down to pick her up! Jeff walked me through the numerous custom machined components proprietary to his conversions; some serious hardware! His engineering, his team, and their overall commitment to quality all came through. Doing burnouts as soon as I got back to Charlotte! Thanks Jeff!

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Tygh Brogdon

My name is Tygh Brogdon, I called Bruiser Conversions to make me a custom built "one of a kind" Jeep JK Crew. I am a picky person and wanted everything perfect, from the factory rake, to the axles, to the wheels, to the tires, to the interior, to the overall height! You see how picky I am? I had an entire checklist of items that I wanted accomplished.

Jeff invited me down and assured me that he could and would do his best to achieve everything I was looking for. I showed up at his shop with a brand new 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, it had 1,100 miles on it. He was a bit surprised at some of my requests but low and behold HE DELIVERED!!

I was communicating with him once or twice a week until the project was complete and then more often as the delivery date neared. He delivered to my door an absolute beast. We have nicknamed it the Sand Trooper, because it is worthy of a Star Wars movie. The paint, the rake, the axles, the height, the motor, the tires, the drivability, the bulletproofness! It is all there.

Thank you Jeff & Bruiser Conversions!

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Chris Plaisance Spider Web Shade - COO

As a manufacturer of Jeep parts, our company Jeeps are our sales tools. We are very careful when choosing the modifications we make because our vehicle's performance is a direct reflection of our company when on the trail. It is of paramount importance that our vehicles are on the cutting edge and mechanical failures are kept to a minimum.

So when the time came to upgrade the power plant in one of our 2014 JK with a reliable and powerful LS motor there was only one company in the United States to call, Bruiser Conversions.

What Jeff and his team were able to do in 6 days is mind blowing and the finished product is FACTORY perfect. Every nut and bolt checked and not a single issue. We would recommend Bruiser and Jeff's entire team to anyone in the market who demands excellence in performance and customer service.

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Remko Boot

No Jeep is the same and everybody likes to customize his or hers own. As so did I. I started with a used black stock Rubicon unlimited out of 2012. The reason for this was the new transmission that they introduced that year.

After the first upgrades (bumpers, lift and tire's) it was time for the more serious upgrade, an engine swap. When you are pulling a wrangler over the mountains in Colorado with a stock 3.6L V6 engine, you get the feeling you are Fred Flintstone. The nice 2.8L CRD would be a nice help with that, but unfortunately you can only get those in Europe.

What to do? We all love the big V8's. So the next trip would be to your local Jeep off-road shop and swap that stock engine for a nice 5.7 or 6.4 Hemi. Now just wait there for a moment. Let's browse the internet for a moment and let's see what is there more on the market.

That is where I found Bruiser Conversions, with more options than only two Hemi engines. With those options I ran in the problem what to choose. Am I staying with the Hemi, a proven concept, or do I choose a LS or Diesel engine.

Time to send the guys at Bruiser a email and ask for some help. Within a day I get a email back from Jeff Bruiser if I have time for him that he can call me. He writes that for choosing the right engine he needs 45 minutes of my time to explain the differences between the options. So after our phone call, where 45 min became more then one hour, with tons of advice about which engine and other parts. I decided to go for the LS3 stage 2 swap.

Now it came to when and where to do the swap. Florida is a long way from Colorado to do a swap. Jeff had the solution for that. Trailsjeep in Golden Colorado was one of the new locations that where doing swaps for him. Because is was one of there first swaps he (Jeff) would even fly out to Colorado to oversee my engine swap. So it was al set Trailjeeps would do the swap and Jeff would come over to Colorado for a beer and check out my Jeep.

It was great to meet Jeff during the swap and he could even explain me more about the engine and how it al works with the fabric computer that is installed in the Jeep. Yes all your functions keep working as they always did, even after the swap.

So after the swap it was time to start this V8. And what a experience I can tell you. The time that I had to pull this wrangler over the mountains was over. Colorado here we come!

Since that moment I'm driving my Jeep with a big smile on my face.

I have to thank Jeff, the guys and Bruiser conversations and the guys and Trailjeeps for there time and effort to give me a great Jeep, which I enjoy every day on and off the road.

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Jessi Combs TV Personality

I have had the pleasure of wheeling with the Bruiser team for many years, as well as driving their conversions. The trucks handle great both on and off-road and their power is something you just won't find anywhere else. People can't help but look, gawk and ask a ton of questions because they are so unique in both their looks and performance. Plus, the entire team is made up of some of my favorite people to be around with due to their positive attitudes and constant desire to make everything function at the best of it's potential.

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Bryce Thompson Dixie 4 Wheel Drive - Owner

In the last 10 months Dixie 4 Wheel Drive has installed 6 Bruiser Conversions LS3 "Do It Yourself Kit" motor conversions. At first we didn't know much about Bruiser Conversions since we are from Utah and they're from Florida. I had heard a few good things about Bruisers, but usually East coast service is hard to keep in touch with. However, with Bruisers it was different.

From a shop stand point, we were excited to hear that their motor conversion kit was one of the best JK V8's kits on the market. Since we had done several different Hemi and LS conversions before, we were anxious to install the "Do It Yourself Kit" into our 2015 SEMA build.

Once the motor conversion showed up, we were super excited to open the crate up and see the install kit. The wiring harness and front accessory drive kit were complete and ready to go on the Jeep.

Since we were one of the first shops to install the kit there were no instructions. However, after a few brief phone calls, Bruiser's tech support had us going in no time.

My technicians are super impressed with the "Do It Yourself Kit". It's complete and well thought out! We are excited to have a LS3 conversion kit that is clean, easy to install, and our customers love that all of their factory option upgrades, like cruise and remote control start, still work.

With 6 conversion kit installs under our belt, including my own daily driver, we know there will be a lot more LS3 builds to come.

Best of all, the guys at Bruisers have treated us good. Not only are they good with follow up phone calls, they also go out of their way to say hi to us at off-road events like King Of the Hammer's and Sema. We look forward to future projects between Dixie 4 Wheel Drive and Bruiser Conversions.

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JT Unruh

I want to thank the Bruiser Team for turning my 2004 Jeep TJ into a one of a kind LS3 swapped TJ.  After a few phone conversations with Jeff going over what I wanted/needed it was an easy decision to send it out to Bruiser.  I had originally planned to just do the LS3 swap, but after visiting the shop and hanging out with the guys for the day checking out all the jeeps under construction, my engine swap quickly turned into a complete redo. The Baja style roll cage/tire carrier turned out awesome!



The guys at the shop were very helpful in steering me in the right direction on what additional changes I wanted to add to the build.  I have had my jeep back for a week now and it drives so much better than it did before with a hell of a lot more horsepower. It’s definitely a head turner!  The Bruiser team has a customer for life.  I’m already planning my next SuperCab build. Thanks again Bruiser team, you guys are badass!


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Dusty Sterling Beaver Excavating

I've been a Jeep enthusiast most of my life, so when it came to building my "forever" Jeep I knew that finding the right builder was everything. From my very first interaction with Bruiser I felt like much more than a client. I immediately felt like I had a friend in the industry who was helping me fulfill my vision to create a fully customized, one off, SEMA worthy rig.

Having a family of 6 a stock JKU just doesn't get it done, especially when it comes to camping off grid and exploring remote areas as my family and I often do. Bruiser worked with me every step of the build from concept to completion. They steered me away from pitfalls and educated me on innovative ways to achieve what ended up being one of the most amazing builds I have ever been fortunate enough to stand beside, and I get to call it mine.

The owner of Bruiser, Jeff Garland, is one of the most genuine and creative men I have ever met. His attention to detail, commitment to integrity and dedication to greatness was evident within everyone on his team at Bruiser Conversions. He showed me from the very beginning that Bruiser is much more than an amazing innovator in the Jeep industry, they honestly care about their clients and do "whatever it takes" (one of Jeff's most often used quotes lol) to fulfill their dreams.

From Jeff Garland and Dave his shop manager, to everyone that works for Bruiser, I feel blessed to have met this amazing team and could not be any happier with our new 3 row, 6 seat, off grid, high horsepower, luxury, camping race machine. I know I have found some friends for life and that they will forever have my back to do "whatever it takes".

I want to extend a very heartfelt thank you on behalf of myself, my wife and 4 children to Bruiser for helping my dream become a reality. My family and I are forever grateful.

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Mac Metz

I've got a 430hp LS3 installed in my 2012 JK and I love it! I'm running 37's on one ton axles and the factory V6 was not enough to move the thing down the road. I found myself not wanting to drive my Jeep anymore... Until I found Bruiser Conversions.

Their LS3 conversion woke the Jeep up and turned it into a monster!!! I daily drive my Jeep now because I enjoy driving it so much. It sounds and feels amazing. The most fun part is red light racing little sports cars and seeing the look on their faces when you blow the doors off them in a lifted Jeep.

The most amazing part of the conversion, however, is how it just works. All functions work as they did from the factory, there aren't any funny warning lights or messages on the dashboard. The A/C blows cold. The factory tap shift works. Nothing would make you think that it isn't a bone stock Jeep until you hear that exhaust, then you know you are driving something special.

I like to take my Jeep to shows as well and when you open up the hood, it's not a rats nest, it's a clean swap that looks factory. It's easy to tell the engineering and time it took to make the swap look as clean as it does especially with how well it works.

Thank you Bruiser Conversions!

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Gerald Lee Savvy Off Road - President

Savvy Off Road is know for their winning KOH Jeeps and lightweight armor. When we chose to install a LS3 in our 2014 JK Unlimited, there was only one choice. Bruiser Conversions!

The LS3 conversion for the JKU is the best available kit. No double computer or harness to take up space and maintain. We have seen our fair share of double harness kits leave the owners very frustrated. The batteries would go dead on them frequently and not all of the features of the JK were available like OEM.

The Bruiser Conversion on the other hand uses the OEM Jeep computer and transmission so everything functions like it is from the factory except you now have 430+ HP.

We install the best of the best in everything we do. Bruiser Conversions is the only way to go!

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Tom Allen PSC Motorsports - CEO

To make it short and sweet, Jeff and his crew over at Bruiser Conversions hit a homerun with their LS conversion for the Jeep JK! I personally believe it is by far the best LS conversion on the market.

When we here at PSC Motorsports decided to do a V8 swap in one of our new 2015 JK's, I knew I wanted a LS3. We have done the Hemi thing in the past and this time I had my heart set on a LS3. So when it came time to pull the trigger on the project we hooked up with Jeff Garland and Bruiser Conversions.

He has come up with a very different approach to the JK / LS swap, and it is ingenuous. Fellow off road industry insiders had been telling me how well the Bruiser Conversion works and well, I am a believer! I freaking love this Jeep and it's all due to the flawless LS3 conversion.

The craftsmanship of the conversion is over the top. We have been from one end of the country to the other in this Jeep over the last 6 months, pounded on it off road, drove 100's of miles at highway speeds, 108 degree days in Dallas TX traffic and never a problem what so ever. My wife actually prefers to drive this Jeep over her new Cadillac!

If anyone has any doubts about this quality of this conversion, make your way over to Fort Worth, Texas and look us up. Got no problem with putting you in the driver's seat and let you judge for yourself what a quality piece of work this conversion is!

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Ethan Langford

When I first heard about V8 swaps into jeeps I was skeptical. I am not a fan of installing things on my jeep that require a lot more maintenance and extra steps to use. After talking with Jeff on the phone he invited me to come up to the shop and see what they do. I was immediately impressed at the welcoming attitude of everyone there as well as the open attitude to have me look around. I took a drive and realized just how well integrated these swaps are. You drive it just like when it was stock. No other buttons to push, no instructions to follow. I brought a 6 speed manual and left with an automatic that looked like it came from the factory on the interior. Tap shift, cruise control. It all works, just MUCH more powerful. That magna flow sound of a V8 and the torque when driving from a stop were amazing! Everything under the hood was cleaner than when I brought it.

After 5 years I can still say this was the best thing I did to the jeep. I use it offroad and have taken it all over the was coast, Moab, Johnson Valley and many places in between. Its comfortable to drive there and a beast on the trails.Thank you Jeff and team for all your help.

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Brandon Edgerton

Like many jeep owners I set out to build the ultimate go anywhere jeep to provide amazing family wheeling excursions. Initially built was a mild mod JKU, however the anemic 3.6L became the 'weak link' so I sough out an engine conversion.

After determining the LS3 as the most optimum power plant, I then began to search for a builder/installer and chose a local SEMA Jeep Builder. As I explained to the selected builder, 'there are 2 ways to do things, the right way and the wrong' no in-between. Unfortunately for me that selected builder had very little integrity and built a very expensive paperweight.

After those in the Jeep community found out what happened many stepped in to assist with my build. We began an extensive rebuild, and we chose the industry leader in LS3 Conversions, Bruiser Conversions.

Jeff personally walked me through their process; and I met with his team to review my project in entirety. All my concerns were eased and I was thankful to have selected a 'builder crew' who's only objective was to deliver a perfect conversion.

The Bruiser team reworked my entire drive train, wiring, cooling & much more. The Bruiser crew rebuilt my jeep the 'right way'!!!

My family set out on our first maiden journey with 'Redemption' at All4Fun in Colorado. The jeep performed exceedingly well and left many on the trail wishing they had an LS3 under their hood. We've since gone on several family wheeling adventures and the time spent on the trail, as a family, is priceless.

Driving this beast around town and on road trips brings a smile to all as the engine rpms are met with a V8 rumble. This once anemic jeep is powerful, smooth, and functions as if it came from the dealer with an LS3.

We are often met at the gas stations with persons asking to see what the 'heck' is under the hood. People are amazed at the 'fit & finish' which is absolutely a 'work of art'! I've seen several HEMI & LS conversions and Bruisers craftsmanship is second to none.

Thank you Bruiser Conversions & Jeff for delivering the ultimate go anywhere jeep my family was dreaming about.

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Jake Glaser

January 3, 2015 I had a LS3-430HP Corvette motor installed in my Jeep by Bruiser Conversions. Many have asked how I like it, how long did it take, what's it like, how was fit and finish, etc.

Saturday January 3rd I drove from Naples to Clearwater. Met Jeff at Jeff's Jeep Yard/Bruiser Conversions where I was given a complete tour and filled with a ton of knowledge. Jeff will blow your mind with his passion and expertise! Left the Jeep in Bruiser's hands and returned to pick it up on Friday Jan. 9th. Yes, that is correct - One week for the conversion. And not just the conversion, they painted my rear wheel wells.

Needless to say, I was like a kid in a candy store ready for the first drive! I'm pretty particular about cleanliness and was pleasantly surprised to see how clean the jeep was when I arrived. Once in the driver's seat and a turn of the key, I was blown away. The sweet sound of the Magnaflow was amazing. All factory options were 100% completely functional as if you just purchased vehicle from the dealership. Nothing changed except for some serious horsepower.

Bruiser was able to retain the transmission in the Jeep based on its capabilities. The WA580, Nag1. When you want some torque - hang on!!! It has been approximately 2 months since I picked the jeep up and I am still completely amazed at what this conversion did. The power, the maneuverability, and the fit and finish are truly amazing. I have received follow up calls from Jeff in regards to how the Jeep is performing, how I like it, etc. Customer service is key and Bruiser definitely has that!

All of us Jeep lovers sink a lot of money into our rigs to make them Rock Ready, Show Quality, and Daily Drivers. The one thing Jeep is lacking on is POWER. Investing the money in doing this LS3 conversion has made all the difference in the world. My Jeep is my daily driver and every time I get in the driver's seat, it's like riding in a corvette, but more comfortable.

I truly cannot say enough about how happy I am with how it all came out. If you are in the South Florida area and ever want to see it or go for a ride, I am always willing to show off the exceptional work these guys at Bruiser did!

Keep your eyes open, big things in the works for Bruiser!!

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Nick Holman

Jeff, I am really enjoying this Jeep! The attention to detail, knowledge base, advice and professionalism you provided in helping me put this together “the right way” was invaluable. The turn around time was amazingly fast and your conversion product is top notch. I now have all the power I need to do the things I want to do in style. I get a dopamine rush every time I hit the gas pedal! Tons of fun! Many thanks to you and your team in helping me with this build. 

Proud owner

Nick Holman

Oakton, VA & Naples, FL



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Mitch Funk

I met Jeff Garland at Easter Jeep Safari in 2015. I had an LS conversion done on my 2012 JKU by another company with a laundry list of issues, and was looking at one of Bruiser Conversions swaps. Jeff leaned in and began to tell me how wonderful the LS swap was. I was less than responsive as he explained how wonderful his swap was.

I explained that I already had the swap done by another company, and was less than impressed. Much to my surprise Jeff described several of my issues to a "T" without me telling him anything.

As we visited Jeff told me how bad he felt about my experience, and how he could correct the issues.

I swallowed hard, and put my trust in one more individual who said that they could make it work. Jeff arraigned shipping, which is no easy task from where I lived, and the JK was on its way to Florida.

The Jeep was finished in the prescribed time, for less than I was initially quoted, and shipped back to me.

The Jeep was finally everything that I wanted. Jeff, and the guys at Bruiser Conversions did a fantastic job. There has only been one minor issue since ( a switch on the shift talks of the transfer case ) that cause the Jeep to go into limp mode. The guys at Bruiser were quick to diagnose the problem, and help me repair it.

My experience with Bruiser hasn't been anything less than fantastic, and I would recommend them to any who ask.

Img 1438  1

I decided to go with the Bruiser Conversions LS3 conversion kit after the turbo on my 3.6 factory engine blew up. I am so glad that I did, the engineering is unbelievable, everything is "plug & play". The engine and every piece around the engine fits perfectly, plus no more turbo lag!!!

My friend and I did the complete job of removing the old engine and installing the new LS3 motor in 3 8-hour days. With a turn of the key it started right up and purred like a kitten. After driving it for 400 miles, I changed the oil and then drove it down to Florida, 1500 miles in 24 hours with no problems. Everybody that sees the engine compartment says that it looks like it's from the factory. When I'm asked where I got it from of course I tell them Bruiser Conversions in Cleartwater, FL.

I highly reccommend this to anybody that's looking for more power out of the Jeep. High praise for a job well done.



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Kha Ly

Being in the off-road industry myself, I am very picky about where my Jeep is worked on. Add to that the major work of an engine swap and you quickly realize that trust in the shop is EVERYTHING! Jeff and the crew are at the top of their game! The attention to detail is unmatched and the quality could not be any better. Simply put... they know what they are doing. Add to that the friendly service and you have a winning combination.

Thanks again guys!

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Allen Wiseman OX-USA - Owner

Jeff I want to personally thank you and your awesome crew at Bruiser Conversions for all the work and help with our OX Locker project JK. Even for the work we did ourselves, drawing from your experience has been a big help and time saver, not enough guys like you in the business.

FYI, recently I had conversation with Tom the owner over at PSC Motorsports about how happy he was with the LS3 conversion you did on his JK, he convinced me to pull the trigger on it. Looking forward to topping this project off with your LS3 conversion.

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